Get Tested for STDs and Vaccinated!


Lately I've noticed a lot of friends shying away from getting vaccinated for Covid-19 because of their distrust of the government and/or medical field. With numbers soaring, it's clear that the only way out of this pandemic is for people to face their fears. While yes, there have been instances of medical malpractice in the past, particularly toward Black people, we are in an era wherein there are a majority of good health practitioners out there who want to ensure our survival. The Durham County Department of Health and Planned Parenthood are organizations full of those kinds of people. I was vaccinated for Covid-19 at the Durham County Department of Health over the summer. While I did have side effects, they paled in comparison to sitting in a hospital on a respirator or worse, spreading an infection to my loved ones. I received an STD test at Planned Parenthood today and tested negative. Some of you may not know this but for certain tests, the tests are done right in front of you in minutes. Unfortunately many health insurance providers do not support Planned Parenthood but hopefully that will soon change.

Become a believer. Get Tested and Vaccinated! It's your best means of protecting yourself and others.